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QQI Manual Handling Course

This Handling Course is required by law to ensure the safety of employees at work.

During the hands-on training you will gain knowledge, expertise and confidence on how to safely lift up and move objects in the workplace.

Course Duration for Class: 2 Hours

  • Manual handling course legislation

  • Manual handling risk assessment

  • Anatomy & physiology of the spine and muscular system

  • Incorrect manual handling techniques

  • Physical fitness

  • Practice in safe manual handling of loads to include:-

  • Lifting from floor to bench

  • Lifting from bench to floor

  • Lifting from floor to floor

  • Pushing & Pulling

  • Lifting to and from height

  • Team Lifting


Fire Safety Training Course

This Fire Safety Training Course is a legal requirement for all employees in the workplace. During the fire safety training the student will gain knowledge, expertise and confidence on how to manage fire prevention and fire exposure in their workplace

Course Duration: 2 Hours

  • Introduction & Legislation

  • Fire Safety Manager Role

  • Fire Wardens Role

  • Fire Safety & Fire Prevention

  • Fire Hazards In The Workplace

  • Fire Behaviour

  • Classifications of Fire

  • Classifications of Portable Fire Extinguishers

  • Operation of Portable Fire Extinguishers

  • Classifications and operation of Fire Hose Reels

  • Operation of Fire Hydrants

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Infection Prevention and control

This Infection Prevention and Control Course is for any person working within the health care and nursing environment, or for other employee
where preventive and disease management is required.
The infection Prevention  and control course is designed to inform the student about the principles and understanding of how the infection spreads, and how we can safely control this.

Course: Infection Prevention & Control Course

Course Duration: 2 Hours

  • Introduction

  • Infection

  • Sources of infection

  • How infection is transmitted

  • Chain of infection

  • Personal hygiene

  • Hand hygiene

  • Personal protective equipment

  • Needle stick injury & sharp safety

  • Exposure to contamination

  • Waste management

  • Disinfection & cleaning

  • Laundry and linen management

  • Isolation Precautions

  • Covid 19


HACCP Level 1 & 2  (Food Safety)

The course designed to introduce participants to food safety and hygiene issues. It is based on the training criteria set down by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland’s Guide to Food Safety Training Level 1 & 2

This all-new 2022 Food Safety and HACCP training course covers the syllabus requirements specified by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health and the Food Safety Criteria by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland

Course Duration for Class: 4 Hours

  • Introduction

  • Food Safety Awareness

  • Food Contamination and Prevention

  • Safe Food Procedures

  • Personal Hygiene


  • Food Safety Law in Ireland

  • Food Safety Hazards

  • Micro-biological Hazards

  • Food Safety Legislation

  • Clean and Safe Premises

  • Waste and Pest Control

  • Food Contamination

  • HACCP Delivery to Storage

  • HACCP Food Preparation to Service

  • Impleme

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